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Ten Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jars

Everyone loves jar candles and the beautiful way they can display your favorite scented candles but, once the candle is all burned down, what’s next? What do you do with those wonderful jars the candles came in? Well I’m here to tell you there are tons of inexpensive ways to recycle those used jars. In fact I’m going to give you my top ten uses for recycled candle jars that will add an ambiance of beauty to your home or office.

First off, as you know our candles are created with all natural soy wax and, what that means for you is that the jars are very easy to clean and reuse once the candle is all burned down. Now to clean the jars all you have to do is remove what little wax is left over and the wick. I like to add some hot water to the jar because this causes the wax to melt a whole lot easier. Then I take a butter knife and gently remove the wick. After that I take some warm soapy water and clean the jar until it’s spotless and let them air dry.

~ Now for the fun part, how to reuse those beautiful jars~

1. Candle Holders~ used candle jars make wonderful candle holders for new pillar candles and votives. Simply buy some of your favorite pillars and votives that’s a little shorter than the jar you are using and in no time you have a beautiful candle holder to display your new candles.

2. Vases~ this is my absolute favorite!! Used candle jars make wonderful vases for flowers, especially tall Libbey Stratus Jars. Just buy some of your favorite fresh cut flowers and add them to the jars with a little water and you will have yourself instant fresh floral arrangements in minutes. You could also do this with fake flowers as well but, instead of adding water you could try adding some pretty colored marbles instead.

3. Center Pieces~ speaking of decorative marbles you could also just add decorative marbles by themselves as a center piece. These lovely creations will add a decorator’s touch to your room.

4. Air Fresheners~ Reusable candle jars make an excellent choice for adding fresh fragrance to a room. You could fill these jars with scent-releasing flowers and herbs. Fill the jars with scented dried flowers and herbs in order to add a natural and inexpensive way to add fragrance to your room.

5. Candy Jars/Cookie Jars~ Reused Candle jars are very useful for storing candy or cookies in.

6. Creating Jams~ if you are another fellow handmade crafter, whether it’s cooking or other handmade items. These reusable candle jars make excellent containers to store homemade goodies in such as jams, spices, soups, or whatever you choose. You can even but these items together to create your own handmade gift basket full of goodies.

7. Storage for loose change~ Ever get tired of having all that lose change left on your table or counters, well candle jars make wonderful storage jars for that lose change.

8. Use as a Gift~ a very fun and creative way to reuse these jars is to use them for gift giving. You can fill them with candies, flowers, bath salts, whatever your preference and tie a pretty ribbon around it and you have an instant handmade gift.

9. Drinking Glasses~ if you have smaller candle jars you could reuse these as drinking glasses.

10. Spa items~ these candle jars make wonderful storage places for spa items such as cotton balls, potpourri, travel sized soaps, and bath sponges.


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