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Soy vs. Paraffin

Soy vs. Paraffin

Candles can add a warm and calming feeling to a room or add a relaxing atmosphere after a long hard day. Even though candles have been the number one choice for lighting and decorating in our society for many years, there are side effects of burning candles made with paraffin wax instead of burning candles made with soy candles.

With the turn of the new century there have been a large number of environmentally couscous people trying to live right and preserve the planet at the same time. Since then there has been several candle manufactures that have switched to using all natural ingredients instead of paraffin wax when creating candles. While doing this there has been a lot of research done on paraffin candles and the effects it has on our individual health. One risk of using paraffin candles is the soot that is released into the atmosphere when the candle is lit. This soot contains harmful chemicals such as naphthalene, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene and benzene. This soot can settle on walls, electronic devices and other surfaces in homes.

The pollution generated in the home poses a health risk because they can penetrate deep into the lungs to cause illness. In a study published in Volume 79 Number 8 of the Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society, soot was produced from burning paraffin candles. However, soy wax candles burned at a slower rate produced little to no soot. The fumes of the burning paraffin contained trace amounts of formaldehyde, as well. Carcinogens are released into the air when a traditional paraffin candle is burning. Carcinogens can cause cancer, and other health related problems. New research is showing links between candles, charcoal, and other burning devices we use in our home lives as cancer causing. Research is just beginning on this issue; however it is a fact that soy candles do not produce carcinogens.

One alternative to burning paraffin candles is to burn candles that are made from all natural waxes. One of the earliest natural waxes is beeswax. Beeswax is produced from glands of the honey bees. Bees wax is better for the air because of its ability to produce negative ions that actually clean rather than pollute the air. Another natural wax that has become extremely popular over the years is soy wax. Soy wax is produced from all natural soy beans. Soy wax has become a preferred material by some environmentally couscous candle makers because it is an all natural alternative to using paraffin which is made from petroleum. Soy candles are the number one choice for consumers because it helps supports American Farmers because it’s produced from all natural soy beans.

Soy wax is made in the United States by US soy bean farmers. By buying Soy Candles and handmade Soy Candles you are doing your part in supporting the US economy. Soy wax contains no animal fat and burn 50% longer than paraffin candles and maintains an even burn pool and doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere as with paraffin candles. Soy candles are all natural and do not contain any toxins, which means very little to no soot.

Here is a little known fact; did you know that soy candles have a memory? A soy candle should burn 1 hour for each inch of its diameter, until you receive a full melt pool. For example: a soy candle 2″ in diameter should be burned for two hours to establish its memory. If a soy candle isn’t given a proper memory burn, especially on the first burn, it will cause the soy candle to burn in a tunnel down the center and you will not get a good scent throw from the candle. Soy candles also burn down completely, I mean the candle completely burns down to the bottom with no left over wax on the sides of the jars which makes reusing and cleaning the jars after use very simple and easy, and helps promote recycling.


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Ten Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jars

Everyone loves jar candles and the beautiful way they can display your favorite scented candles but, once the candle is all burned down, what’s next? What do you do with those wonderful jars the candles came in? Well I’m here to tell you there are tons of inexpensive ways to recycle those used jars. In fact I’m going to give you my top ten uses for recycled candle jars that will add an ambiance of beauty to your home or office.

First off, as you know our candles are created with all natural soy wax and, what that means for you is that the jars are very easy to clean and reuse once the candle is all burned down. Now to clean the jars all you have to do is remove what little wax is left over and the wick. I like to add some hot water to the jar because this causes the wax to melt a whole lot easier. Then I take a butter knife and gently remove the wick. After that I take some warm soapy water and clean the jar until it’s spotless and let them air dry.

~ Now for the fun part, how to reuse those beautiful jars~

1. Candle Holders~ used candle jars make wonderful candle holders for new pillar candles and votives. Simply buy some of your favorite pillars and votives that’s a little shorter than the jar you are using and in no time you have a beautiful candle holder to display your new candles.

2. Vases~ this is my absolute favorite!! Used candle jars make wonderful vases for flowers, especially tall Libbey Stratus Jars. Just buy some of your favorite fresh cut flowers and add them to the jars with a little water and you will have yourself instant fresh floral arrangements in minutes. You could also do this with fake flowers as well but, instead of adding water you could try adding some pretty colored marbles instead.

3. Center Pieces~ speaking of decorative marbles you could also just add decorative marbles by themselves as a center piece. These lovely creations will add a decorator’s touch to your room.

4. Air Fresheners~ Reusable candle jars make an excellent choice for adding fresh fragrance to a room. You could fill these jars with scent-releasing flowers and herbs. Fill the jars with scented dried flowers and herbs in order to add a natural and inexpensive way to add fragrance to your room.

5. Candy Jars/Cookie Jars~ Reused Candle jars are very useful for storing candy or cookies in.

6. Creating Jams~ if you are another fellow handmade crafter, whether it’s cooking or other handmade items. These reusable candle jars make excellent containers to store homemade goodies in such as jams, spices, soups, or whatever you choose. You can even but these items together to create your own handmade gift basket full of goodies.

7. Storage for loose change~ Ever get tired of having all that lose change left on your table or counters, well candle jars make wonderful storage jars for that lose change.

8. Use as a Gift~ a very fun and creative way to reuse these jars is to use them for gift giving. You can fill them with candies, flowers, bath salts, whatever your preference and tie a pretty ribbon around it and you have an instant handmade gift.

9. Drinking Glasses~ if you have smaller candle jars you could reuse these as drinking glasses.

10. Spa items~ these candle jars make wonderful storage places for spa items such as cotton balls, potpourri, travel sized soaps, and bath sponges.

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How to Determine True Aromatherapy Candles

How to Determine True Aromatherapy Candles

Candles bring so much fresh aroma and calmness into a room, whether it’s for relaxation, for a candle light dinner, or for use as aromatherapy. Whatever the use is, candles will bring a nice fresh aroma to its recipient. One main reason people by scented candles is because many of us want to use it for aromatherapy, But what is aromatherapy and how can we as consumer determine we are actually getting what we purchased.

Aromatherapy is defined as the use of volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical health. Burning candles containing these oils is the most convenient and inexpensive ways to experience these benefits. Aromatherapy candles give off therapeutic vapors from its natural essential oils and fill the air with mood altering scents.

Burning aromatherapy scented candles can help with a variety of symptoms such as stress relief, antidepressant, headaches, and many other symptoms. In order to get the relief from symptoms you have to be using pure essential oils and natural waxes. True aromatherapy candles are produced with all natural waxes such as Beeswax, Soy or other Vegetable based waxes.

The main question many people wonder is how to select and purchase authentic aromatherapy candles. There are tons of candle websites out there who claim to make and sell aromatherapy candles so; I’m going to list several ways to help you determine real candle makers who create aromatherapy candles from those who are not.

1. True Aromatherapy Candles are made with all natural waxes. This could be soy wax, bees wax, or vegetable waxes but never paraffin waxes.

2. Aromatherapy Candles are created with all natural essential oils. These essential oils is what gives the candle it’s aromatherapy vapors so, aromatherapy candles created with synthetic fragrance oils are not true aromatherapy candles.

3. Aromatherapy candles contain no additives or harmful chemicals.

4. And lastly pure aromatherapy candles are dye free.

Because of the high amount of essential oil that must be present in the aromatherapy candle to make it scented, it can be very difficult to find truly scented aromatherapy candles, but with a little knowledge it can help you save a lot of time and money while searching for them.

A candle shop that sales true aromatherapy candles will have tell you right up front what their candles are created with and what kinds of essentials oils they use. Be aware of shops who states that their aromatherapy candles contain mostly natural products or are scented with fragrance oils instead of essential oils. So, when shopping for true aromatherapy candles make sure you know what exactly in the candle before you buy it. Also because aromatherapy candles use all natural essential oils and need a great deal of it to give off its therapeutic vapors these candles can be expensive but is worth it.

Aromatherapy Candles can help with many symptoms associated with different moods by altering them with its therapeutic vapors, so when shopping for them be sure to keep the above list in mind.

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